Facilities placing ultimate priority on the safety of food

Our lineup of products are based on the concepts of contribution to the food safety for customers, as well as the production of safe products.

ISO22000:2018 Certified(The Scope of Certification: Manufacture of Industrial Food Additive Preparations including Enzyme Preparations and pH Adjuster Formulations)As the certification is limited to the factory of the Headquarters, some products are not eligible for the certification.

Our company built a factory of the headquarters in 2014 and obtained the ISO22000 certification. Though the scope of the certification was the manufacture of food preservatives,pH adjusters and quality improvers, which was rather rare in Japan, we ventured to obtain it for the purpose of materializing a better production environment and its systematic improvement. Thus all of us are making every effort to deliver "safe", "secure" and "high quality" products, setting food safety policies.

Facilities and hygiene programs of the factory

The exclusive dressing room of the factory
The employees change their clothes at the dressing room that is exclusive to them. They take off any accessories, etc. that may be mixed into the products, including watches and rings.
Uniforms and caps
Our uniforms and caps devised for preventing the hairs of our heads and bodies from falling off.
Lint roller
Hairs and dusts are removed by a lint roller.
Hand washer
We implement hand washings strictly based on the manual and using a timer.
Alcohol spray
After washing hands, the moisture is blown off by a hand dryer, followed by alcohol spray for thorough sterilization.
Air shower
The door of the air shower room opens, interlocked with the alcohol spray. By the devised direction of the air, particles are effectively blown off from bodies.
Installation of insect traps and pest-control
Through contracting with a pest-control firm, we make every effort at insect pest management throughout the year.

Food safety policies

- Food Safety Policies -
  1. We will build trust with our customers, business partners, and local communities, and contribute to safe, secure, and delicious food.
  2. We will meet statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as requirements mutually agreed upon with our customers.
  3. We will ensure food safety through continuous improvement activities, competence and internal and external communication.

Feb, 2023
Satoshi Tanaka, President & Representative Director,
Ohtsuka Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.,

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