More Excellently Cooked Rice for the Food Service Industry

"I want stability in the quality of cooked rice", "I want to make each grain of rice more distinct", or "I want to prevent cooked rice from sticking to a cooker" may have various requests just for cooked rice even under different conditions. We will solve your problems with cooked rice by providing a wide product lineup that will help you in cooking, including rice improvers such as "Suihan Miola" that realize cooked rice with stable quality by the power of enzymes.

Products for Foreign Sales

  • Suihan Miola Gold 1 kg can

    Suihan Miola Gold 1 kg can

    This is a rice improver that is the most suitable for rice for sushi.


ISO22000:2018 Certified

(Scope of Certification: Manufacture of food preservatives,pH adjusters and quality improvers)

The factory of the Headquarters has obtained ISO22000:2018 certification (the scope of the certification is the manufacture of food preservatives,pH adjusters and quality improvers).

As the certification is limited to the factory of the Headquarters, some products are not eligible for the certification.  

Customers Review

The rice improver widely adopted in the sushi industry of Japan

The rice improvers Suihan Miola and Suihan Miola Gold are recommended by All Japan Sushi Association.

Suihan miola
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